11 on 11

I've been invited to be part of a creative project this year with a group of some really talented photographers from around the country:  Sara Kaleho (MN), Sanna Lee (MN), Marie Sant (UT), Kelly Sweda (CA), Brandi Tejeda (CO) and Corey Villicana (CA). We'll all be posting 11 photos on the 11th of each month, just for fun. It's been a long blogging hiatus for me but I feel happy to be sharing again.

We spent the holidays with Nate's family in Kansas City, Missouri. Which is only slightly more chilly than Florida. The fields were dusted with snow and as we drove away from the airport I stared out the window at the the naked trees, the hills covered in frozen, slashed corn stalks, the cows trudging in a line through muddy slush. 

During winter while everything sleeps, everything waits, everything patiently hopes that the sun will return and the cold will melt into water and the leaves will bud and the plants will grow again. In so many ways this past year has felt like one long, record breaking winter for me. Facing so many unknowns, being taken to the edge of what I think I can endure over and over again. Some days I feel like I'm sitting in the snow, sadly, missing my leaves, waiting impatiently for this season to pass and for all discomfort to go away.

But some days I wake up and watch the sun climb things like a warm, red fire. And I notice how it peeks out from behind the hill and light darts across the old field and the snow lights up like little buried jewels. And everything is completely silent. And all impatience is far from my mind. And life feels completely, utterly beautiful. 


(above and below) : sledding before and after.


(above) : visiting the grave of Nathan's little brother, her first real exposure to death. She asked a lot of "whys" and then she started to cry. A pure display of human empathy. We all cried a few tears together.


You can continue the blog circle journey by visiting Sanna's blog. I've been living vicariously through her beautiful snowy landscape photos this winter. You will love them.